Discussing the Significance of the Greek Language on the World of Christ

The Greek language became worldwide and influential as the English language is today. There was not any doubt how powerful the Greek people were, they build schools, gymnasiums, and other things that will entreat the people to fall in love or study their culture and language. In the aspect of religion in the ancient days, many writers use to write in Greek. When Alexander the Great conquered empires and nation, they also tried to convert all the Jews to Greek which was know as Hellenism.

The Impact of Jesus Healing the Blind

The healing story of blind Bartimaeus demonstrate the life of a blind beggar, who seated at the roadside and hears Jesus passing by shout to Jesus for help to receive his sight back and he received attention from Jesus. Blind Bartimaeus recovering his sight an incredible account recorded in Mark 10:46-52, John said the cry was “A common messianic title used in only the synoptic gospel.” The story of the Blind Bartimaeus son of Timaeus happen at or near Jericho. The clarity of the miracle made Vernon to describe it as “Lucid and Realistic”. Mark had a strong presentation on the story on the blind beggar base on the wording and the tenses he used. The cry of passionate cry of Bartimaeus assisted him to gain back his sight. Jesus healing the bling in this story was not meant for entertainment, but it happened out of faith and compassion.